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>> the black and whites are really delicious. >> nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate and yet somehow racial harmony still eludes us. >> where is this? >> third avenue. >> was it east side? >> third and 89th. >> racial profile. >> is it possible they just profiled him as the shiftiest eye ever? >> that was mean. anyway, the deli apologized but people are pissed. like this guy. >> an employee of a deli, you're going to frisk me. you call the police and have the police frisk me but keep your hands off of me. >> absolutely. >> yes, deli, he won an oscar for god's sake. >> okay, there are probably better scenes. >> hey, billy. how you doing? >> we got billy bob thornton. so we asked him a bunch of
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tattoo questions. can you describe the feeling you had when you got the first tattoo? >> that was so long ago. it was in 1974 which back then people didn't get tattoos. just people in the navy or bikers. now you go to the dentist and now the dentist has a tattoo. >> it's so true. >> on a woman when they get a tattoo on their back, it's called a tramp stamp. what is it called when a man has a tattoo on his back? >> stupid. >> we had this good conversation so our camera guy pushes farther. >> it's valentine's day and you're happy and excited but she's on her thing, are you still going in? >> normally i don't divulge that kind of information but i've never been shy.
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>> and then he says also i'm a cardinal fan. >> billy bob thornton getting it. >> thanks so much. have a good day. >> did atlantis exist? is hitler still alive? was big foot gay? all these questions pale in comparison to the greatest mystery of all -- who is britney spears secretly dating? >> there is a mystery going on with britney spears and who is she dating right now. >> she was seen on valentine's day with a new guy and you'll never guess who he is. but you'll have to because we have no idea who he is. >> we've called her reps and they are not telling us. >> which is why there is only one option left. >> that's why there is a "tmz" apb. >> someone knows who this guy is so someone has to tell
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us. >> it's a "tmz" apb. >> right, thats why we did the graphic. >> you find this man. >> well, it's not that dramatic but that's the idea. here is some incentive. >> we put a reward out there. >> what is it? >> a "tmz" t-shirt. >> yeah. we have new t-shirts now and they are very cool. >> yes, identify britney's dude and get a free t-shirt. >> maybe we said. >> that is a soft offer. we can get out of that. >> so if you know this guy's name, let us know. >> don't make us get it the hard way. >> give us the name? >> yes. >> all right, charles bronson, you are kicking god in the face now. >> wouldn't it be great if britney's rep comes clean and says i want the t-shirt. >> yeah, your boring. >> we got cody simpson at l.a.x.
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>> he's the young australian beiber guy. >> he is about to embark on a european tour. >> going to ireland. >> to ireland? >> yeah. >> you have a concert out there? >> yeah, i got a tour in europe. >> we said what do you think about people saying you look like justin bieber? >> i'm me. >> i'm going to meet up with him in ireland. >> he's meeting justin bieber in ireland. but they are going to be allowed to drink. beiber can drink over there and if he mouths off to a man in ireland, he might be losing little beiber. i'm dead serious, if he carries on the way he carries on here in ireland, he will get battered. >> they just do that there? >> yeah, you get put in line. >> ireland, come for the guinness, stay because you're in a coma. >> right. >> hope you guys have a good time.
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>> alec baldwin had another nasty run in with the paparazzi which he said some nasty stuff. >> he claims he didn't threaten her. he said i hope you choke to death. >> plus ed sheeran, the pop sensation guy. >> are you scared of taylor swift writing songs about you? >> would you date her? >> no.
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>> coming up, rihanna left a club bloody. >> she's gotten better looking in the last couple of years. >> i think that's just called healing.
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>> how you doing? >> it's ed sheeran in l.a. >> i like "tmz. they make me laugh. >> don't you love this guy? >> we all like each other. now let's screw this up.
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>> what's next for you? >> i'm going on tour with taylor swift for the next six months. >> ooh. >> that's right because we've all heard this song before, literally. >> would you go there? would you date her? >> no. >> snap, keep your barely legal love bumps to yourself swift. isn't it refreshing to see someone resist that vixon? >> he wouldn't have any chance, that's why he wouldn't date her. >> this is where things may take an unfortunate turn. >> successful -- >> he's successful. >> maybe they'll meet good looks. >> there are girls who love him. >> on yes, check out this recent stampede. >> oh my god. >> taylor swift does not date that guy. >> maybe, maybe not. but we had fun, right?
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>> if it's good, then this is going badly. >> ed, it's not you, it's us. >> well, mostly her and her and him. >> rihanna left a club in london bloody and apparently it's chris brown's fault. she was inside in the club partying and as she's leaving someone screams about chris brown and chunks a bottle at her. shes not bleeding because of the bottle. she hit a metal fence and she starts bleeding as she's leaving the club. apparently people in london hate chris brown enough to chunk bottles. >> but he wasn't there? >> he wasn't there. >> she's got nice legs. >> she's gotten considerably better looking in the last couple of years. >> i think that's just called healing.
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>> alec, did you call this photographer a [beep]? >> that's alec baldwin in new york responding to allegations of racism with a smile. what allegations of racism you ask? >> alec baldwin had another run in with the paparazzi. >> this time it involved a black photog from the "new york post. >> they asked him about a recent lawsuit with his wife. not only did alec grab her by the arm and say i want to choke you to death. >> he allegedly called a black photog a [beep], a crack head and a drug dealer. >> but alec denies any of this happened. >> he claims he didn't threaten her. he said i hope you choke to death. >> guess that's cool as long as he's not the one that does it. >> he's amused by this. >> did you call this photographer a [beep]? >> isn't it hard to believe he's racist? >> well, he is speesedly very
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liberal but --. >> he threw a homophobic slur in my direction. >> yes, alec wasn't harvey's biggest fan. >> what was his method of killing me? >> he wanted to knife you and then with your last breath stare you in the eyes and watch you take it. >> was that alec or any one of us? >> i don't mean to say it smiling. >> but he just realized he can blame it on alec baldwin. >> what do elites do when we screw up? pretend it never happened and give ourselves a giant bonus. >> you two have more in common than you think. >> we got erin andrews at l.a.x. >> we ask how was your valentine's day. >> did you get a good present? >> yes, i got a couple of great presents. >> what? >> i definitely got the flowers and a nice dinner and we'll keep other things quiet. >> i found her in this video --
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i find her condescending and insincere. >> she said she got flowers. >> you got to see how she says it. >> here's the interaction. >> what did he get you? >> i definitely got the flowers which was great. a nice dinner. and we'll keep some other things quiet, right. >> that's a normal person. >> she's so nice. >> hater. >> she feels like regina from mean girls. i'm sorry. >> look who is talking. >> i'm awful. i'm a different sort of awful. >> she's so nice. >> coming up -- kris humphries decides if one of his court hearings is called on a playoff day, he's go game. >> he might get traded to charlotte. >> charlotte who? >> charlotte who?
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>> the charlotte what?
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>> next "tmz," britney's mystery date solved which we know he
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>> "tmz" online and on your phone 24 >> "tmz" online and on your phone 24/7. >> and now another stupid moment with kris humphries. >> that's me. >> and harvey hit a touchdown levin.
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>> kris humphries is a moron. he decides if one of his hearings falls on a playoff day, he's going to miss the game and go to the hearing. >> this is a bluff. he wants kim to think he is that serious about this. >> kim doesn't care. she's ready for trial. >> he's going to sit down with the gm and he's going to say do you have to be in court? he's going to say -- >> i have some snidse sports knowledge. >> this is going to be funny. >> kris humphries might well be traded to charlotte which has the worst team in basketball right now. >> that is authentic inside sports knowledge that he probably heard on the radio. anyone have follow-up questions by chance? >> who is charlotte going to trade for? >> they've got options. >> the charlotte what? >> who plays in charlotte? >> i had it a minute ago.
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>> charlotte from sex in the city? >> charlotte ray. >> trail blazers. >> no, that's portland. >> who plays for charlotte? >> bobcats. >> what an idiot. >> how embarrassing. >> well, we wish you good luck in court and go trail blazers. >> hi ms. fonda. how was dinner? >> we got jane fonda. we ask her if an asteroid was coming by and the earth was faced with impending doom how would you spend your last day? >> with my lover, my ex-husband and my grandchildren. >> ted turner is behind her. >> how did you guys become friends again? >> we never stopped being friends. >> that's awesome. >> they made it work somehow. >> then we get ted. we say "tmz" is getting
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big. do you think it will be as big as cnn? >> what? >> "tmz" will be as big as cnn? >> tmg? >> the answer is no. >> never? >> no. >> i love them. >> thank you. >> coming up -- we got michelle rodriguez, she drives a prius. >> they are more reckless. >> no. >> don't you notice the prius drivers are [beep]. >> they can't drive fast enough to be reckless.
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>> closed captioning and other considerations for "tmz" are provided by ---
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>> we got michelle rodriguez. we talked about her about cars. >> have you ever bought a used car? >> no, i've never bought one but i've driven a bunch of them. >> what was your first car? >> my first car was a nissan frontier. >> the interesting thing to me is at the end of the video the camera guy goes don't drive too fast tonight. >> those cops, if they see a prius, they leave you alone for some reason. >> she drives a prius. >> does she really? >> isn't that weird. >> prius drivers are more reckless. >> no. >> don't you notice the prius drivers are --. >> $4.81 for gas. $4.86. >> you guys are buying gas. >> you prove his s

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